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Explain in 3 paragraphs or less why a customer would pick Basecamp vs Highrise.

Hi Potential Customer - this is my take on Basecamp vs Highrise:

You’ll want to use Basecamp if you have a concrete project (or projects) to manage. Basecamp will track your milestones, to-do lists, & responsibilities assigned to your team members. You can email each other from within the Basecamp account, and store the images, spreadsheets & other files your team generates. It’s a landing spot, or, well, a basecamp, for your collaboration. It assures that no one misses an email, loses a file, or forgets who’s working on what.

If you need something that will eliminate that “who is this person & why do I have their phone number?” problem, Highrise would be the better choice. Highrise takes your Rolodex & business cards online, and lets you share that information with your organization. You can add notes about your contacts, and associate them with different projects you’re working on (like sales goals, tasks, etc). It gives context to your contacts. It’s helpful if your colleagues aren’t all in the same office, or if you travel a lot in your work. Highrise assures that the phone number you need isn’t sitting on a post-it on your desk.

So, Basecamp is project centered, Highrise is person centered. I encourage you to take a look for yourself - you can set up free demo accounts with both services. The demo accounts don’t give you access to all the bells & whistles, but you should be able to get an idea of which will work best for you. When you decide, it’s a simple process to upgrade your accounts. You can change your mind at any time too, and we’re happy to help you migrate information from one account to another.

I hope that helps - let me know if you have any more questions.